Thursday, March 5, 2009

I don't think this is normal...

Do you have this many measuring cups?

(That's 7 sets and 3 individual ones)

Do you store your caramels, chocolate chips, coconut, powdered sugar, baking chocolate, mint chips, etc in a rubbermaid tub to keep them handy?

I almost always have 3 bags of chocolate chips, a bag of coconut, and a bag of powdered sugar in my tub. Usually there's more stuff in there. Like right now....there are 4 bags of chocolate chips (2 milk and 2 semi-sweet), 2 boxes of baking chocolate squares (1 semi-sweet and 1 bittersweet), 2 1/2 pounds of dipping chocolate, 2 partials and a full bag of powdered sugar, a full and a partial bag of coconut, a bag of mint chips, a partial bag of caramel chips, a large bags of caramels (the kind you have to unwrap), a partial bag of toffee chips, 2 bags of white and milk chocolate swirl chips, some craft sticks for making mini caramel apples, craft sticks for making candy, some mini cupcake wrappers, and some fat sanding sugars.

So it makes me curious, how do you store your baking goodies? My brown sugar and oatmeal each have their own storage containers that are stored in my lazy susan with a small rubbermaid tub filled with sugars and sprinkles, etc. The shortening and spices are in there, too. I have a 5"x5" rubbermaid-ish storage box for all my food coloring, too. It would be nice to have all that stuff together somewhere, but my kitchen is soooooooo small and I wouldn't be able to do half of what I do in there without my work table.

So, where do you store your goodies? Any great tips or suggestions for me?!


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  2. Oh no.I don't know what I did...Here is what I put again...I did a opps on your other blog and then one here lol.I must be sleepy!

    I love the idea of the tub for the chocolate chips and bagged things.Thanks I will be using that now.

    For measuring cups sets let me look...5 plastic Tupperwarer sets,2- 8 cup(1 glass pyrex, 1 pampered chef),1-4 cup glass pyrex,2-1 cups glass pyrex glass ones.

  3. Nope. All mine are jammed into the cupboard that I hope will close. Your tub idea looks good to me.

  4. I can't speak to the measuring cups but I have rubbermaid bins with my baking chocolate, my food dyes, Flour(s), Sugar(s) etc.

    The kids make fun of me, I'm going to have to show them that I'm not the only, "Clean Freak Spaz."


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