Sunday, August 31, 2008

Monkey Shakes

About a year ago, Tim was looking for a fun smoothie to make for the kids breakfast. He LOVES to go all out for breakfast. (I TOTALLY miss that while he's on the road, that's the one meal I don't like making!!) He found the recipe for monkey shakes. Here it is:

2 cups cold milk
1 banana (we use 2)
1 box instant chocolate pudding
2 cups ice

Blend together in your blender and VOILA! Yummy shake.

So, Wednesday last week Works For Me Wednesday returned to Rocks In My Dryer. I was thrilled, even though I didn't have a WFMW post. I did go reading though them and Amy at MomsToolbox had an awesome idea....make smoothie popsicles using the last little bit of smoothie that's ALWAYS in the blender and NOBODY wants to drink because they've had too much! Tim's sister, Sue, got the boys popsicle molds at this funky smoothie shop in Colorado when she lived there, so I pulled them out for the first time in 3 years and make smoothies! Friday we made Strawberry ones with just milk, frozen strawberries, some honey, vanilla and some vanilla yogurt. Very yummy and good for you, too. Popped the last of it in the freezer and they were AWESOME!

So today, I used up some starting to rot bananas and made monkey shakes. This time I added 2/3 cup Carnation Instant Breakfast. I thought the extra protein would be a good addition and it was chocolate flavored, so it would hide well. AND IT DID! Rugby and TJ loved them! (Riley slept through all this). HOW COOL IS THAT! Now, the kids will think I totally ROCK when I let them have a popsicle for breakfast and it'll be good for them (especially if I switch over to sugar free pudding)! YAY MOM!