Thursday, June 20, 2013

Banana Ice Cream

Hello, sorry for the long delay in posting! Does anyone still check this page? I so miss posting here, so I'm oping to get back in the habit.  Today I have a yummy treat for you. I hate artificial banana flavor, so anytime I hear banana ....this or that....I tune out because it's gonna be nasty, but I found a yummy tasting banana ice cream....all the better because my hubby has developed a dairy sensitivity and can no longer have milk or ice cream.  Enjoy!

Banana Ice Cream

Place frozen bananas in a food processor or a good blender and process until smooth.

How's that for easy?! We sometimes add some PB2 and a tiny drizzle of chocolate syrup on top and it's OH SO GOOD!!  I'm so thankful for Pinterest! :)

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