Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello Lovelies!

Good morning! It's so nice that you could stop on over and say hello! Cha Cha was kind enough to send you all over, so please make yourselves comfortable and look around. I love to play hostess, though I am very much the shy and quiet type (until you get to know me, anyway!).

I found her blog through the Pioneer Woman and I love checking in to see all the fabulous projects she whips up on top of being a super busy homeschooling mom! She's amazing!

If you are a regular Cafe Jessica reader, please pop on over to Sit Relax and Read....I'm featured there today! Very exciting!!


  1. I'm here from Chacha's. Isn't it amazing how many great blogs are out there? I am so excited to find yours. I'm always after a great recipe (I'm not the best in the kitchen). I'm going to try that spaghetti sauce next week. Thanks! Lisa~

  2. Yeah, we are up, Thank You sooo much for letting me feature you and sharing your recipes and creativity. You are the best and I have treasured your smiling face as my follower from the very beginning, thank you for always supporting me.

    Cha Cha

  3. What a fun blog. Maybe it will inspire me to cook! I found you through Sit, Relax and Read. Can you sit, relax, read and cook at the same time?

  4. :) I can stand, relax, read and cook at the same time. I LOVE to be cooking something. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. Hello there I am stopping by from Cha Cha's and have already wrote down a couple of your recipes.. galic beef strganoff and sour cream enchiladas..I will let you know how I do. Looking forward to spending more time reading through your blog and checking out your other one. Have a terrific weekend. Oh love those Packers...I'm such a football nut..
    seasons of life Jolyn

  6. Hi Jessica,
    I'm visiting by way of Cha Cha's. It was great "meeting" you and learning more about you. I'm a neighbor of yours down here in Iowa. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us!


  7. Bear with me, I'm new to this blogging world.
    I find yours to be very fun and have enjoyed reading it.


  8. holy moly! you are busy & with 4 boys.

    i was looking at all your cakes you've decorated. i so wish i could do that. i would love to do cakes for each of my child's birthdays.

    i think i have been to your blog once before - and remembered all your catagories of food. so impressive!
    nice to get to know you a little better.
    happy weekend.

  9. Visiting from Cha Cha's
    It is so wonderful to meet you!
    Your home is awesome and those caKes are fabulous!
    Many Blessings


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